For Writers

Are you a lonely writer in the Greater Moncton area seeking the support of colleagues and peers who will help you ramp up a professional writing career?

Every writer knows that breaking into local writing markets can be challenging. It helps to have the support of people who know the ropes. We meet monthly to support our local restaurants, indulge our taste buds, network, share ideas and potential markets, and generally celebrate our wins and encourage each other in our individual businesses and endeavours.

Do you need help navigating the complex and often puzzling world of writing markets, article submissions, editorial processes, copyright, contracts, or more?

We feel your pain and have been lost at sea, too. But we are also colleagues at various stages of our careers and believe that sharing and offering encouragement strengthens the whole. Everyone has to start somewhere. Joining PWAC (and Moncton Writers) allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of professional writers locally and across the country who earn their living with words.

Are you interested in polishing your writing skills and improving your craft through personal development?

Our national organization hosts an annual multi-day AGM, local chapters organize workshops, as do individual members. Learn everything from negotiating contracts to self-publishing; from pitching an idea to editing. As well, we partner with the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick to provide more creative workshops, such as writing for children and screenwriting.

Drop us an email today and start the conversation!